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Charity Fund «Borys Grinchenko Charity Foundation for Promoting Education» has more than 20 years of experience in charitable activities, performs them with transparency and constant accountability to donors regarding the target expenses of the Fund.

The Fund is a charitable organization that is established and operates on the basis of the Charter to achieve the goals of charitable activities.

The Fund operates on a voluntary basis, equality of its members, self-government, legality and transparency.

In its activities, the Fund is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On Charitable Activities and Charitable Organizations", other current regulations of Ukraine and the Charter.

The main purpose of the Fund is to conduct charitable and sponsoring activities.

The objectives of the Fund's charitable activities are to provide assistance to promote the legitimate interests of beneficiaries in the areas of charitable activities defined by this Charter and current legislation, as well as the development and support of these areas in the public interest, including:

  • promoting the harmonious physical, spiritual and intellectual development of children and youth of Ukraine;
  • promoting the development of education, science, culture, art, and sports in Ukraine;
  • implementation and comprehensive support for the implementation of national and international programs;
  • supporting gifted children and youth;
  • promoting the development of charity activities in society (developing the charity culture in Ukraine)

The spheres of charitable activity of the Fund are:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Development of local communities
  • Culture and art
  • Science and research
  • Sports and physical culture
  • Human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Custody and care, legal representation and legal aid
  • Development of Ukraine's international cooperation

In order to achieve its goals, the Fund performs the following tasks in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation of Ukraine:


  • interaction with public authorities and administration, local governing, enterprises, institutions, organizations of all types of property, including foreign and international organizations;
  • facilitating creation, production and distribution through mass media, and live campaigns, promoting materials for healthy lifestyle, informing about disease prevention, promoting education and educational process, learning foreign languages, encouraging self-development, confidence, ambition, pursue self-realization, etc.

Education and science:

  • organization and financing of charity events, conferences, meetings, seminars, exchanges, other similar types of cooperation;
  • assistance in the development of new methods, technologies and their implementation in the educational environment;
  • assistance in the development of publishing, mass media, information infrastructure;
  • development of research and promotion of scientific inventions;
  • providing scholarships and grants.

Sports and active lifestyle:

  • promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • designing manuals, brochures, videos, web pages, conducting advertising (social advertising) campaigns, participating in health-promoting and educating events;
  • development and promotion of physical culture;
  • encouraging sports and health services to the population;
  • provision of sports equipment;
  • providing beneficiaries with methodology and new knowledge in the areas defined by this Charter, conducting seminars and presentations, offering training in sports exercises, encouraging sports achievements;
  • improving sports and research material resources in sports centers, support and development of existing sports centers;
  • preservation of the environment;
  • promotion of ecologically responsible practices;
  • conducting projects of international and national importance that promote environmental awareness and help to solve environmental issues.


  • organizing and holding events, projects, conferences, trainings, programs for experience exchange, which directly or indirectly relate to culture, cultural education.
  • supporting cultural sites and facilities.


  • assistance in the purchase of medical equipment for educational institutions and / or for educators or beneficiaries related to education;
  • providing financial, material, managerial and other assistance for the treatment of children with grave diseases, whose parents work or have worked in education for a long time;
  • participation in the development and implementation of policies and programs aimed at combating drug addiction, AIDS, homelessness;
  • promoting improvements in the system of prevention and treatment of drug addiction, AIDS and other types of social diseases by giving practical, orientational, organizational, financial and medical assistance to public and youth organizations, educational, medical and health institutions.

Fund President:

foto Zhyltsov

Oleksii Zhyltsov,

PhD in Pedagogy, Professor

+38 044 272 19 02



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