HELP RESTORE SCHOOL! Buzov School of Dmytrivka Territorial Community of Bucha district of Kyiv region needs the help of all concerned!

Before the war unleashed by the rushist invaders, the Buzov School was one of the best rural schools in Kyiv region. The premises of the educational institution were built in 1981, and in 2021 a major overhaul was carried out at the expense of the community. By February 24, 2022, 506 students were enrolled in the three-story school with a total area of 4,100 m 2. The institution had a landscaped area with a total area of 50,000 m2.

Russian troops deliberately shelled the Buzov school, as a result of which the institution suffered significant damage. 1000 m2 of the school roof and 40 m2 of the gym roof were destroyed. The biggest damage occurred on the third floor of the institution. 300 m 2 of floor blocks need to be replaced.

In total, all school windows have been broken, which is 1000 m2, 62 door units need to be replaced, 4000 m2 of floor need to be repaired, it is necessary to restore interior partitions, replace heating, water supply, drainage, electricity, ventilation and fire safety.

It is necessary to restore classrooms - laboratories of chemistry, biology, physics, information technology and digital competence. All the school computers and multimedia boards have burned down! The school needs to equip classrooms with furniture, provide literature, methodological and didactic materials.

It is required to repair assembly and sports halls, a dining room. The school boiler room needs to be rebuilt. A significant amount of work must be done to restore the coverage of artificial playgrounds (football and basketball), the construction of pedestrian paths and paved areas on the territory of the school, as well as a fence. Considerable attention, in view of the experience, should be paid to the restoration of the bomb shelter.

The estimated cost of restoration work, purchase of furniture and equipment is almost 100 million hryvnias (UAH).

In the villages of the Dmytrivka territorial community, more than 100 estates of local residents were destroyed, including the homes of school teachers, kindergarten teachers, medical workers, and pensioners…

Fundraising for the reconstruction of Buzov School and other facilities and assistance to citizens is carried out by the Borys Grinchenko Charitable Foundation for the Promotion of Education Development. The Foundation has over 15 years of experience in charitable activities, conducts them transparently and is constantly accountable to benefactors for the Foundation's earmarked expenditures.


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