Support for people with disabilities

In 2019 - was opened the Resource Center for Support of Students with Disabilities at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. Funds raised by teachers and students of the University during the traditional Charity Ball were spent for the arrangement of the Resource Center - UAH 113,000.00.

The Resource Center has created computerized workstations equipped with speech synthesizers as part of technical support. In particular, for students with visual impairments there is a portable Braille display, a portable 5-inch video magnifier, a desktop Braille font printer. Students have access to adaptive technical equipment for scanning textbooks and translating them into electronic form, listening to audio recordings of lectures and creating their own recordings using the digital dictaphone available in the center. In addition, the Resource Center provides services for the formation and improvement of hearing and cognitive skills through the program "Live Sound".

The center is equipped with zones of physical and psychological relief. There are "Interactive projection on the floor", "Interactive panels" to improve the psycho-emotional background, stimulate active physical activity, psychomotor development and relaxation.


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